The Airlines With the Best Wine Lists

CNTRAVELER.COM | “Oenophiles, rejoice: these days, some of the best wine you might ever drink could be at 35,000 feet. From Taittinger champagne to 40-year-old tawny ports, the wines offered onboard the world’s top airlines are reaching completely new heights. But which carriers are doing wine programs best? We asked a panel of sommeliers and wine experts from across the country to pick out the top five wine lists in the air this fall for premium class passengers.”
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Premium-minded consumers split wine market, wine execs say

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA | “California’s wine industry will continue to split most of its sales above and below the $10-dollar-per-bottle mark, enjoying a rise in overall consumption and a growing emphasis on premium, rather than economy, wines, reported wine industry leaders surveyed by UC Davis.”
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10 Reasons Portugal is Europe’s Newest Darling

FOR TRAVEL -- Portugal -- Porto -- Rabelo boat at Douro river in Porto CREDIT: Joao Paulo

FOR TRAVEL — Portugal — Porto — Rabelo boat at Douro river in Porto CREDIT: Joao Paulo

NEW YORK POST | “Central Portugal typically doesn’t get as much attention as the stunning Alentejo and Algarve regions in the south and wine destinations of the north, but that’s about to change. The area between Lisbon and Porto extending from the sea to the Spanish border is full of historical wonder, stunning scenery, amazing food and vinho, and life lived at a slower pace.”
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Do Medals Matter: Deciphering Wine Awards

LIFEHACKER | “There are two types of people in the wine-buying world. There’s the “it wouldn’t have won this many awards if it wasn’t a good wine” camp, and then the “wine awards can tell you nothing aside from the size of a winery’s budget” camp. Which one are you? Are those shiny medals useless, or a handy shortcut when looking for a quality wine? Welcome to Part 3 of Lifehacker’s wine guide, where we decipher what — if anything — a wine’s medal collection can teach you.”
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