Are California wine prices way too high?

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE | “If I’ve learned one lesson from recommending thousands of bottles to readers, it’s this: Prices always make someone unhappy. If I complained about, oh, Sonoma Pinot Noirs surpassing $50 a bottle, I’d hear from winemakers insisting that was actually too cheap (pro tip: Never make this argument to a wine critic) but also from readers who thought $35 was too much. Let’s not even touch the readers whose price cap was $10.”
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Tips For The Wine Traveler Going Overseas

ORANGE COUNTY COAST | “It has always been a dream of mine to visit Europe in the fall, moving from country to country while the grapes around me begin to reach their final ripeness. Europe is an incredible place, full of history and rituals that are only fully understood once you arrive. This all became apparent during my quest for rare bottles—where I found myself in situations I wish I’d been better prepared for. Should you want to arrange a fall visit sometime in the future, here is a list of everything I wish I had known before I began my adventure.”
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