What is sustainable wine?

ECO CHILD’S PLAY | “Enhance biodiversity, water and air quality, soil health, economic viability, and employee well-being.”
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10 Wine Myths Busted Because Why Ruin A Beautiful Thing With A Bunch Of Fancy Rules?

BUSTLE.COM | “Wine is like that super cool kid in school we all want to hang with, but don’t fully understand — thanks to the many myths about wine that are out there, anyway. Whenever we’re with wine, we seem to be smarter, creative, and more attractive. Wine just gets us. But with that, wine can also be intimidating as all hell. We seem to think there’s a set of unwritten rules we all have to follow if we’re to properly and respectfully indulge in this drink (while still looking very cool, of course). While it’s true that there’s a certain art to creating and understanding good wine, this should not come in the way of appreciating it.”
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