Arsenic found in many U.S. red wines, but health risks depend on total diet

UW Today | “A new University of Washington study that tested 65 wines from America’s top four wine-producing states — California, Washington, New York and Oregon — found all but one have arsenic levels that exceed what’s allowed in drinking water.”
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Are California wine prices way too high?

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE | “If I’ve learned one lesson from recommending thousands of bottles to readers, it’s this: Prices always make someone unhappy. If I complained about, oh, Sonoma Pinot Noirs surpassing $50 a bottle, I’d hear from winemakers insisting that was actually too cheap (pro tip: Never make this argument to a wine critic) but also from readers who thought $35 was too much. Let’s not even touch the readers whose price cap was $10.”
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